The Best Prog Rock Albums Of All Time

The Prog Rock series is from 2013 when PODCLOUD1 did 30 min. segments unavailable as downloads until now!

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(6 Part  Soundboard Series)

What are the best Prog Rock albums of all time? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts,  But we have a few of our own.

 Prog Rock: also known as Progressive Rock, is a rock music subgenre that originated in the United Kingdom, with further developments in western Europe, throughout the mid-to-late 1960s and 1970s.
Bands abandoned the short pop single in favor of instrumentation and compositional techniques more frequently associated with jazz or classical music in an effort to give rock music the same level of musical sophistication and critical respect.  Songs were replaced by musical suites that often stretched to 20 or 40 minutes in length and contained symphonic influences, extended musical themes, fantasy-like ambiance and lyrics, and complex orchestrations.


Volume 1-

This pod is the first in a series that features some of our choices:

Brain Salad Surgery – Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1973)
Free Hand – Gentle Giant (1975)
Script For A Jester’s Tear – Marillion (1983)
2112 – Rush (1976)
In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson (1969)

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Volume 2-

It’s the second installment in the series that asks the question-what are the best  Prog-Rock albums of all time?  We’d love to hear your suggestions.  This pod’s nominees are:

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-Genesis (1974)
Days Of Future Past-The Moody Blues (1967)
The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other-Van Der Graaf Generator (1970)
Dark Side Of The Moon-Pink Floyd (1973)
Death Walks Behind You-Atomic Rooster (1970)

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Volume 3-

More songs from classic albums of the golden age of Prog-Rock. Drop us a line and weigh in with some of your favorites. In part three of this series, we feature cuts from:

Close To The Edge-Yes (1972)
Moonmadness-Camel (1976)
Sunburst Finish-Be Bop Deluxe (1976)
The House On The Hill-Audience (1971)prog rock vol.3- artworkClick to Play Vol. 3



Volume 4 –

This pod demonstrates that Prog-Rock’s influence goes way beyond it’s first wave that occurred in the late 60’s and early 70’s.
In part four, we continue our exploration of the best Prog-Rock albums of all time with:

De-Loused In The Comatorium-The Mars Volta (2003)
Moontan-Golden Earring (1973)
Nice-The Nice (1969)
Way Of The Sun-Jade Warrior (1978)
Eldorado-Electric Light Orchestra (1974)prog rock vol.4- artworkClick to play Vol. 4)



Volume 5-

If you’ve been using this series as a shopping list, you’re on your way to compiling the trippiest little space rock collection on the block.  Part five has a few more additions to the list:

Ambrosia-Ambrosia (1975)
Thick As A Brick-Jethro Tull (1972)
Takk…-Sigur Ros (2005)
Argus-Wishbone Ash (1972)
The Hall Of The Mountain Grill-Hawkwind (1974)prog rock vol.5- artwork(Click to Play vol. 5)



Volume 6-

Here’s the last of our installments featuring The Best Prog-Rock albums of all time.This segment features more classic albums from the golden age and an encore from one of the genre’s favorites Pink Floyd.

L-Steve Hillage (1976)
Crime Of The Century-Supertramp (1974)
Tommy-The Who (1969)
Meddle-Pink Floyd (1971)
Solar Fire-Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (1973)prog rock vol.6- artwork(Click To Play Vol. 6)