Revisiting The Classics: Some Girls-The Rolling Stones

Some Girls is the 14th British and 16th American studio album by the Rolling Stones, released in June 1978.

It reached number one on the Billboard album chart, and became the band’s top selling album in the United States.It was a major critical success, becoming the only Rolling Stones album to be nominated for a Grammy in the Album of the Year category. Many reviewers called it a classic return to form and their best album since 1972’s Exile on Main St.

By 1976, the Rolling Stones’ popularity was in decline as the charts were dominated by disco music and newer bands such as Aerosmith and Kiss. In the UK, the punk rock movement was a rising force and made most artists connected with the 1960s era seem obsolete.

Jagger is generally regarded as the principal creative force behind Some Girls. Richards was in legal trouble for much of 1977, which resulted in the band being inactive on the touring circuit during that year. In addition to punk, Jagger claims to have been influenced by dance music, most notably disco, during the recording of Some Girls, and cites New York City as a major inspiration for the album.

At least as important for the band’s re-invigoration was the addition of Ronnie Wood to the line-up, as Some Girls was the first album recorded with him as a full member. His unconventional uses of the instrument featured prominently on the album, and he contributed to the writing process. In addition, Jagger, who had learned to play guitar over the previous decade, contributed a third guitar part to many songs. This gave songs like “Respectable” a three-guitar line-up.

There was some controversy surrounding the lyrics to the title song, an extended musing on women of various nationalities and races. Atlantic Records attempted to persuade the band to drop the song from the record, but Jagger maintained the song was intended as a parody of racist attitudes, saying “I’ve always said, you can’t take a joke, it’s too fucking bad”.

In 2003 Some Girls was ranked number 269 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

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1. Miss You
2. When the Whip Comes Down
3. Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)
4. Some Girls
5. Lies
6. Far Away Eyes
7. Respectable
8. Before They Make Me Run
9. Beast of Burden
10. Shattered




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