Revisiting The Classics: Disintegration-The Cure

Disintegration the eighth studio album by English band The Cure was released in May 1989.

The record marks a return to the introspective and gloomy gothic rock style the band had established in the early 1980s. As he neared the age of 30, vocalist and guitarist Robert Smith had felt an increased pressure to follow up on the group’s pop successes with a more enduring work. This, coupled with a distaste for the group’s newfound popularity, caused Smith to lapse back into the use of hallucinogenic drugs, the effects of which had a strong influence on the production of the album.
During production, founding member, drummer Lol Tolhurst was fired from the band.
Disintegration became the band’s commercial peak, charting at number three in the United Kingdom and at number 12 in the United States, and producing several hit singles. It remains The Cure’s highest selling record to date, with more than three million copies sold worldwide.
It scored well with critics,eventually being placed on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

While Disintegration mainly consists of somber tracks, “Lovesong”, “Pictures of You” and “Lullaby” were popular for their accessibility.  Robert Smith wanted to create a balance on the album by including songs that would act as an equilibrium with those that were unpleasant. Smith wrote “Lovesong” as a wedding present for Mary Poole.

The lyrics had a noticeably different mood than the rest of the record, but Smith felt it was an integral component.

“It’s an open show of emotion. It’s not trying to be clever. It’s taken me ten years to reach the point where I feel comfortable singing a very straightforward love song.”

He noted that without “Lovesong”, Disintegration would have been radically different:

“That one song, I think, makes many people think twice about the album being dark.”

In the US, due to its appearance in the film ‘Lost Angels‘, the band’s American label Elektra Records released “Fascination Street” as the first single.
In 1990 “Lullaby” won “Best Music Video of 1989” at the BRIT Awards.

Join PodCloud1 all month for the long gloomy tunes that ended up being one of the band’s most successful albums “Disintegration” by The Cure played in its entirety.


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1. Plainsong
2. Pictures of You
3. Closedown
4. Lovesong
5. Last Dance
6. Lullaby
7. Fascination Street
8. Prayers for Rain
9. The Same Deep Water as You
10. Disintegration
11. Homesick
12. Untitled


Original CD and cassette copies of Disintegration listed “Last Dance” and “Homesick” as bonus tracks, as they were not included on the original vinyl issue of the album.


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