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(Working Backwards from December 2014)


PeeperD’s Year End Celebration-

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Join PeeperD for a look back at some of the best albums that came out during the past year.

This pod is double-sized-and double cool!

Featuring music from Temples, The War On Drugs, Woods, The Horrors, Real Estate, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Brian Eno & Karl Hyde, Trigger Hippy, Woven Hand, Old 97’s, Robert Plant, Angus & Julia Stone and The Pineapple Thief.

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I’m Home-

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Whether your dwelling is permanent, semi-permanent, or a temporary hang-out, Home has been a theme in music for years.

This soundboard gathers music centered around Zuhause,Tadaima,Casa, or до́ма-anyway you say it, it’s “Home”.

Featuring: Depeche Mode, Steely Dan, Talking Heads, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Midlake, Supertramp and Joni Mitchell.

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(click player to head Home)




 The Calendar Closer-

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Although it’s the last pod of the year, PeeperD is not phoning it in!
This rocking calendar closer features new music from U2, The Rural Alberta Advantage and Smith’s guitarist Johnny Marr.
Plus classic cuts from Luna, REM, Moby and The Blind Boys Of Alabama with the late great Solomon Burke. Background sounds from David Byrne.
The whole year’s been leading up to this one!

december peeperd artwork

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December’s Jewel-

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MisterMusic handles this multifaceted segment,

with classic tunes from Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, eighties hits by Talk Talk and The English Beat, and a recent indie rock staple by Wild Nothing.

Plus new music from the Los Angeles indie rock band Francisco The Man, and new indie pop from Tokyo based, The Watanabes.

Wrap up your year with this December Jewel of a podcast!

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Focus On: Lucero-

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Blending the raucousness of punk and the storytelling of country, Lucero has been creating a unique brand of music since the late 90s.

Although labeled as alternative country, their sound is more like The Replacements backing Bruce Springsteen or Warren Zevon with colorful southern-fried tales of hard-living losers.

Lucero’s slow rise to fame is a story is of perseverance and survival that mimics the characters that inhabit their songs.  Lucero started in Memphis, Tennessee in early 1998. Formed by leader Ben Nichols, they took their name from the Spanish word meaning “bright star”. Nichols was joined by drummer Roy Berry, bassist John C. Stubblefield and guitarist Brian Venable. They quickly established a reputation as a great live band.
Since 2001, Lucero has been on tour more than they are not-playing between 150 and 200 shows a year across the United States and Canada.

This pod features songs from several of Lucero’s studio albums as well as a selection from Ben Nichols solo EP.

Focus On Lucero- artwork

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Lucero signed with an alternative country label and released their self-titled debut in 2001. Momentum started to build with their next album “Tennessee” a year later.  Critics quickly picked up on their rock sound with an edge similar to The Replacements. The band decided to sign with the more rock-oriented label Tiger Style.
Their 2003 album “That Much Further West” was warmly received by the alternative rock community. However, just as the album was catching on, Tiger Style announced they were going out of business.

The band formed its own label and worked on its next album with famed musician and producer Jim Dickinson. Released in Spring of 2005, “Nobody’s Darlings” dialed up the southern flavor of the band.
The recording of this album is documented in film maker Aaron Goldman’s “Dreaming In America” which was released in September of that year.
A month later the film was released on DVD with a bonus CD featuring 13 rare live bonus tracks.

Keyboardist Rick Steff joined the band in 2006 expanding their sonic palate into other areas. Lucero’s next studio effort was “Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers” which featured less country influence than any previous release.   The band set out on a tour to support the recording that would extend into the next year.

In 2008, Lucero announced they’d signed a four album deal with the Universal Music Group though that relationship would be short-lived.   In October of 2009, they released “1372 Overton Park” which was their most ambitious effort to date. It was the first Lucero album to feature a horn section which added a touch of R&B and Memphis soul to their alt-rock barroom boogie. Throughout the album, Nichols spins tales that are vividly detailed and full of emotion. The album is a creative high point in the band’s discography.

Also in 2009, Ben Nichols released his first solo effort with the sonically-sparse EP “The Last Pale Light In The West”. He also co-starred in the MTV series “$5 Cover”  which featured the Lucero song “San Francisco” in its trailer.

Although they took a break from recording, Lucero remained busy touring in 2010 and 2011 playing the festival circuit with gigs at SXSW, Coachella and the Van’s Warped Tour.   During this time, they were dropped by Universal eventually signing with ATO Records.

In 2012, Lucero released their ninth studio album “Women & Work” which continued the evolution of their new sound stepping even deeper into Memphis traditions. Augmented by the horns of Memphis’ Jim
Spake and Scott Thompson, the album has the feel of a mature and confident band incorporating their hometown’s musical legacy into their own unique sound.

“Live From Atlanta”, a 32-song live set recorded in November of 2013 during a three-night stand, is Lucero’s most recent album. The years of touring have made them one of the best concert acts around and this album captures that live energy perfectly.




The Sixties (vol. 6)-

the sixties banner w. soundboard added

The soulful sounds of the sixties come forward on the latest installment of our popular soundboard series.

Featuring music from The Soul Sisters, The Soul Survivors and Robert Parker. Plus classic cuts from Simon & Garfunkel, Traffic, The Who, Steppenwolf, The 13th Floor Elevators and The Turtles. Rounding out the pod are some hard-to-find nuggets from The Third Rail and The Woolies.
It’s a swingin’ 60s set!

thesixties-vol.6 artwork

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70’s Deep Tracks- vol. 7

soundboard label-

70's-deep-tracks-banner-with-red-border2These are forgotten tracks that will take you back to the days when FM radio was truly an art form. And, likely never be played on today’s preset definition of what is “Classic Rock”.

 70’s Deep Tracks – the return of album rock…Podcloud1 style!

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Volume 7 –

Volume 7 of our series on 70’s Deep Tracks features music from The Who, Michael Nesmith, Aerosmith,The Rolling Stones, Jay Ferguson, Shoes, Nick Gilder and Lake.

Sit back and remember the good times, from some great albums!

 70s deep tracks vol 7-artwork

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Java Jams –

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Our soundboards can feature any subject, and as you can tell by the title this soundboard celebrates that dark, rich roast…coffee.

Press play and sit back for 30 minutes while it percolates featuring music from:
Bob Marley, James, Frank Sinatra, k.d. Lang, The Tragically Hip and more.

Drink it up!

java jams-artwork

(click player below for ‘Java Jams’)




Head Boppin’ & House Rockin’ –

Head Boppin' & House Rockin'-banner

PeeperD returns with another high energy pod of great music.

New tunes from The Gaslight Anthem, Sinead O’ Connor and James.   Peter Gabriel, Daniel Lanois,and more round out the show.
Plus backing tracks from a career retrospective from Nightmares On Wax.

Call your friends because we’re rockin’ out Podcloud1-style!

Head Boppin' House Rockin' artwork

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November Mixer –

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MisterMusic whips up a batch of tunes in the PodCloud1 studio.

Featuring new music from TV On The Radio and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.
Plus Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. And a couple oldies by Duran Duran, Paul Simon, and Everything But The Girl.

The finished product is sweet!

november mixer-artwork



70’s Deep Tracks -Volume 6-

soundboard label-

70's-deep-tracks-banner-with-red-border2These are forgotten tracks that will take you back to the days when FM radio was truly an art form. And, likely never be played on today’s preset definition of what is “Classic Rock”.

 70’s Deep Tracks – the return of album rock…Podcloud1 style!

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Volume 6 –

Our soundboard series continues with tunes from Head East, Rod Stewart,Paul McCartney & Wings, Foghat, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Loggins & Messina.

70s deep tracks vol 6-artwork

70’s Deep Tracks is NOT Classic Rock!

Classic Rock is an invention of media corporations to capitalize on the memory of a radio format known as “AOR” or Album-Oriented Rock. Back in the golden days of FM radio, there was no such thing as “Classic Rock”. Nor were there radio stations that you paid to hear a niche playlist like “80’s Hair Bands” or “Coffeehouse Rock”. Instead, there were radio stations for which you didn’t have to pay. They were not defined by a narrow format but rather by the depth and creativity of their playlists. You didn’t hear the same hits over and over because the station’s goal was to expose their listeners to many different groups making records at that time. The deeper the playlist, the cooler the station. But the best feature of Album-Oriented Rock was that it didn’t dwell on just the hits from a particular record. The name of the format says it all! AOR was dedicated to exploring an album by playing other deeper tracks that would not even be considered “hits” by today’s Classic Rock standards. That’s what Podcloud1’s “70’s Deep Tracks” is all about! You may recognize some of the bands you’ll hear. But the songs we’ve chosen for 70’s Deep Tracks would never be played on today’s narrow definition of Classic Rock. These are forgotten tracks that will take you back to the days when radio was truly an art form.




 Focus On: Martha and the Muffins –

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Martha and the Muffins‘ initial lineup came together in Toronto in 1977 and debuted at an Ontario College of Art Halloween party later that year.

Although the supporting line-up would continually change over the years, the duo of Mark Gane and Martha Johnson have always been the core of the band.
The unique name was chosen to distance the band from more aggressively named punk groups of the era.
It was always considered a temporary name but it stuck with the band for the next seven years.

This pod contains samples from many of Martha and the Muffins’ albums as well as solo work from Martha Johnson.

focus on martha&muffins-artwork

(click player to Focus On: M+M)


After releasing their first independent single in 1978, the band quickly signed with Virgin Records. They traveled to England to record their first album “Metro Music” which was released in early 1980. It gave them a major international hit single with “Echo Beach”.
They followed it up with “Trance And Dance” in October of the same year. But it didn’t fare as well resulting in a change of line-up.  Keyboardist and vocalist Martha Ladly left the band to pursue an art scholarship as well as bassist Carl Finkle.

Finkle’s replacement was Jocelyne Lanois, the sister of then-unknown record producer Daniel Lanois. He produced their next album which was much more experimental than previous efforts. Released in 1981, “This Is The Ice Age” gained significant critical acclaim and Canadian radio airplay with the single “Women Around The World At Work”. After the tour supporting the album, further personnel departures left the band
a quartet of Gane, Johnson, Lanois and new drummer Nick Kent.

During this period, Mark Gane and Martha Johnson became a couple. 1983’s “Danseparc” was produced by Daniel Lanois, Gane and Johnson.
The group started using the name “M+M” along side their Muffins title as Gane was eager to change the name. The title track of the album was a top 40 single in Canada and a supporting tour followed. At the end of the tour, Gane and Johnson announced that M+M would be Mark + Martha as they would continue as a duo working with studio musicians and sidemen.

Their next album was 1984’s “Mystery Walk” which was again produced in collaboration with Daniel Lanois.
It gave them their biggest hit in years with “Black Stations/White Stations” which reached number 2 on the U.S. Dance charts.  The next album was 1986’s “The World Is A Ball”. The album sold poorly and Gane and Johnson moved to England taking several years to record a follow-up.

In 1992, the duo reappeared with the album “Modern Lullaby” reviving the name “Martha And The Muffins”. However, this one sold poorly as well.  With the birth of their daughter, Johnson and Gane shut down the band for the next several years to focus on family matters.

Songs From The Treehouse” was a Martha Johnson collection of children’s music that won a Juno Award in 1996. The duo continued to release singles that appeared on various compilations over the years. Then in 2001, Martha Johnson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

For the next several years, the duo would perform at a number of reunion shows with various former members of the band. But the 2010 release of “Delicate” marked the first album of new material in 18 years.

In 2013, Martha Johnson released ”Solo One”. Although billed as her first solo album, partner Mark Gane co-wrote, co-produced and played on every track effectively making it yet another M+M disc.




The Sixties – volume 5 –

the sixties banner w. soundboard added

More great sounds of the sixties with The Steve Miller Band, The Outsiders, Eddie Floyd, Cannibal & The Headhunters, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Thunderclap Newman, The Sorrows and The Sparkles.

Plus some classic Motown from The Temptations.

Turn on and Turn It Up.

thesixties-vol.5 artwork

(click player for The Sixties Soundboard vol. 5)




Cauldron Of Cookers –


cauldron of cookers banner

PeeperD checks out several new releases from the likes of Ryan Adams, The Orwellls, Counting Crows and Robert Plant.
Plus some gems from Joe Jackson, Guster and Rachael Yamagata.
In honor of the season, classic clips from Ghostbusters add some spice to this cauldron of cookers.

cauldron of cookers artwork

(click player below for Cauldron Of Cookers)



Creepy Crawlers –


soundboard label-
creepycrawlers banner

Bugs and Spiders, and Snakes and Worms…These creepy crawlers shouldn’t make you squirm.

They crawled out of our PodCloud1 music vault and on to this Soundboard.
They aren’t as menacing as you’d expect!

Featuring The Cure, Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Who, Don Dixon. Plus, The Pixies, Wavves, Jim Stafford and more.

creepy crawlers-artwork

(click to play Creepy Crawlers)




 Focus On: Spoon –


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Spoon have been called “one of the best bands in America”. They spent most of the 90s basking in indie critical acclaim.

But their popularity has been steadily increasing over the last decade. This is due in part to the exposure their songs have received in TV shows and film soundtracks.

Spoon has a distinctive sound that has been called “chop pop”. Crunchy power chords,
clever lyrics and choppy, chugging rhythms combine to create the perfect blend of smart, weird and wild.

focus on spoon artwork

(click player below for Focus On: Spoon)

Spoon is an indie-rock band from Austin, Texas. They were formed in 1993 by singer/songwriter Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno.
The name Spoon was chosen to honor the 1970s German avant-garde band Can whose song “Spoon” was the theme to the 1985 movie “Jagged Edge”.
Spoon’s first recording was the vinyl EP “Nefarious” released in 1994. It caught the ear of Matador Records who signed the band in 1995. A year later Spoon released its first full-length LP “Telephono”. The album, which combined post-punk with a blend of pop, was met with mixed reviews.
Less than a year later, Spoon released its second EP, “Soft Effects” which began a transition to their trademark sound. Unlike its predecessors, it was less noisy and brash, showcasing a more sophisticated, minimalist approach.

Spoon signed to Elektra Records in 1998. Through Elektra, the band released “A Series Of Sneaks” in May of that year. The album did not sell as well as the label had hoped; merely four months after the release the band was dropped from the label.
Spoon then signed with the indie rock label Merge Records and put out the “Love Ways” EP in 2000.
The next year saw the release of their third full-length album titled “Girls Can Tell”. It was a success selling more copies than both their previous albums combined.
Spoon’s next record in 2002, “Kill The Moonlight” experienced similar success. It also contained the single, “The Way We Get By”, which appeared in several TV shows over the next few years. Spoon’s star was finally on the rise.
The follow-up, “Gimme Fiction”, was released in May 2005 and debuted at number 44 on the Billboard 200. This recording marked a subtle shift to more understated arrangements and emphasis on Daniel’s vocal delivery. “The Way We Get By” was also featured in the 1996 movie “Stranger Than Fiction”. Britt Daniel wrote and arranged the film’s music in collaboration with composer Brian Reitzell. The soundtrack consisted mainly of several tracks from “Kill the Moonlight” and “Gimme Fiction” adapted into instrumental versions. This Hollywood exposure brought the band even more into the mainstream consciousness.

Spoon has had a high profile on television in the last decade performing on numerous late night talk-shows as well as Austin City Limits and Saturday Night Live.
Their songs have been featured in numerous TV shows (The Simpsons, Veronica Mars, Bones, Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother), films (Cloverfield, 17 Again, Horrible Bosses, 500 Days Of Summer) and video games (Pro BMX 2). “Don’t You Evah” and “I Turn My Camera On” have become popular on YouTube
as dance soundtracks for the Japanese robot “Keepon” accumulating over two million hits.
As media-savvy as Spoon has shown themselves to be, it’s their live performances where they’ve solidified their reputation.  The music truly shines in a live setting where all the small details can be fully appreciated. Spoon has consistently toured in support of their albums over the years.
From this point, each new album continued a steady increase in popularity. In 2007, “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200-an almost unheard of level of success for a modest rock band recording for an independent label.
“Transference”, released in early 2010, debuted at number 4 on the Billboard 200. After touring extensively to support the album, the band took a well-deserved break.

Ending a three-year hiatus, Spoon released their eighth full-length album “They Want My Soul” this past August. It was mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev).
Jim Eno recently stated “It takes all of the best aspects of our previous records and wraps them all into one”.

This pod is a sampling of songs from many of Spoon’s albums and EPs over their lengthy career. It also includes a taste of the band’s new album.




Autumn Harvest Of Tunes-


autumn harvest of tunes banner

 MisterMusic is back with tunes he gathered and picked for this month.

Featuring: Tom Petty, Snow Patrol, Fine Young Cannibals, Washed Out and Tindersticks.
Plus recent music from Fractures and Minus The Bear.

 This musical crop is ready to be harvested ~

autumn harvest of tunes-artwork

(click player for Autumn Harvest of Tunes)



70’s Deep Tracks – volume 5-


soundboard label (use this)70's-deep-tracks-banner-with-red-border2

These are forgotten tracks that will take you back to the days when FM radio was truly an art form. And, likely never be played on today’s preset definition of what is “Classic Rock”.

 70’s Deep Tracks – the return of album rock…Podcloud1 style!

radio ribbon new

The soundboard series returns this month with more Album Rock staples for you.
No need to dust off those old albums, we did that for you.

Featuring Kevin Ayers, The Raspberries, The Tubes, Free, Rush, Lighthouse, Angel
and Bruce Springsteen.

70s deep tracks vol 5-artwork

(click player below for vol. 5)




The 3 “R”s –


three'R's banner

Rested, Revitalized and Rockin’, PeeperD returns from his summer vacation with a great set of music!
New songs from The Kooks, Jenny Lewis and Owl John highlight a pod that includes words of wisdom from Cracker and a 60s rave-up from The Rolling Stones.
Rounding out the festivities is a twin spin of JJ Cale songs-one from Eric Clapton’s new tribute album and a classic nugget from the deep 70s.
Background music by Todd Terje. Plus some farewell tributes to Monty Python.

the 3 'R's -artwork

(click to play 3 “R”s)


Elephants –


soundboard label-

elephant banner

Elephants are the largest living land animals, there are two destinctive animal types-African and Asian, however on PodCloud1 there is a third… a musical variety.

This soundboard is all about Elephants with music from Stone Roses, King Crimson, Suede, James McMurtry, Tame Impala, and other musical tributes to the “Elephantidae” from Squeeze, The Skatalites and The Boomtown Rats.

Elephants use Infrasound, sometimes referred to as low-frequency sound. It is a lower frequency than the range of human hearing. These tunes are staples in their
jungle-playlist but, we mastered the audio on them so you can hear them too.  Enjoy!

elephants- artwork

(click player below for ‘Elephants’)



Focus On: Kraftwerk –


soundboard label-

focus on kraftwerk banner

The German band Kraftwerk is considered a pioneer in the field of electro-pop music.

Their signature sound is very minimal and strictly electronic. It combines driving repetitive rhythms and catchy melodies.
Kraftwerk uses simplified lyrics focusing on the influence of technology on humanity. Their vocals are sung at times through a vocoder or generated by voice-simulation
software. The result is a distinctive robotic and futuristic sound that, in the 1970’s and early 80’s, was revolutionary. Over the years, it has served as a sonic blueprint for
countless artists across many styles of modern music.

In 2014, the Grammy Academy honored Kraftwerk with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

focus on-kraftwerk -artwork

(click player for Focus On: Kraftwerk)


Kraftwerk (“power station” in German) was formed in 1970 by Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider who originally met as music students at the Dusseldorf Conservatory.
They built their own studio and began immersing themselves in the world of minimalist electronics. Early Kraftwerk line-ups were augmented by a variety of musicians.
This revolving collective recorded three free-form experimental rock albums and performed live sporadically.

1974’s “Autobahn” saw Kraftwerk moving away from the sound of its earlier albums towards a more disciplined approach. It was a commercial success in the U.S. where it
peaked at number 5 on the Billboard top 200. Wolfgang Flur and Karl Bartos became permanent members creating what would be considered the classic quartet line-up
that remained in place until the late 80’s. In 1975, they promoted the Autobahn album with an extensive tour that took them to the U.S., Canada and the U.K. for the first time.

Upon their return, Kraftwerk expanded their “Kling Klang” recording studio and then went on to produce a string of classic recordings. “Radio-Activity” was a concept album
exploring the theme of radio communication. It charted well in the European markets resulting in several live dates in 1976. Train travel emerged as the subject of 1977’s
“Trans-Europe Express”. With 1978’s “The Man Machine” Kraftwerk moved even further toward musical mechanization by publicly portraying themselves as automatons.
This image was solidified by new tracks such as “We Are The Robots” as well as the iconic cover photography of the band in red shirts and black ties.
The Man Machine became a success in the U.K. peaking at number 9 in the charts. Although they were at the height of their popularity, Kraftwerk would not release another album for three years.

1981’s “Computer World” was a meditation on the new global dominance of technology. The fact that Kraftwerk’s music had long predicted this type of future solidified
their status as musical visionaries. Constant advances in technology continue to raise “Computer World’s” relevancy with each passing year as new generations discover it.
Back in the early 80’s, it was a commercial success featuring several singles including the radio hit “Pocket Calculator”. They followed this up in 1983 with the single “Tour De France”.
Kraftwerk’s next album was 1986’s “Electric Cafe”. However, in the mid-80’s, pop music was dominated by synthesizers and drum machines so their sound no longer
stood out. Except for a best-of collection titled “The Mix” in 1991, the group’s output consisted of occasional live performances until the end of the century.

Once again a duo, Kraftwerk surprised fans in 1999 by recording a new single titled “Expo 2000”. In 2003, the band released “Tour De France Soundtracks”, its first album of new material in 17 years.
An extensive tour followed which eventually produced their first live album “Minimum-Maximum” in 2005. Florian Schneider left the group in 2008.
But the last several years have seen more retrospective tours with advances in technology transforming these concerts into multi-media extravaganzas.
Kraftwerk’s latest shows feature eye-popping 3-D graphics with the band performing classic albums in their entirety.


70’s Deep Tracks – vol. 4

soundboard label

These are forgotten tracks that will take you back to the days when FM radio was truly an art form. And, likely never be played on today’s preset definition of what is “Classic Rock”.

 70’s Deep Tracks – the return of album rock…Podcloud1 style!

radio ribbon new

On this installment we turn back the radio dial to the 1970s for more album rock heavy hitters.

Great cuts found on albums that weren’t the hit singles, but helped fill out their catalog.

Featuring: Moon Martin, The Faces, Robert Palmer, The Babys, The Moody Blues and more.

70s deep trks vol 4-artwork

(click player below for vol. 4)




Multifarious –


Since it’s “back to school” time, MisterMusic grabbed the thesaurus

to research this pod of miscellaneous tunes in our music library.  Our library rocks!

Featuring new tracks from Real Estate and The New Pornographers.
Plus some older favorites by Gerry Rafferty, Kate Bush and more.


(click to play multifarious)



Color Inside The Lines – vol. 2 –

soundboard label

color inside the lines vol 2 banner

Here’s another soundboard to brighten your day!

PodCloud1 explores the colors of the musical spectrum.

Featuring: The Fixx, Echo and The Bunnymen, Elton John, UB40, The Black Keys and more.

color inside the lines vol 2 -artwork

(Click player below for Volume 2)





70’s Deep Tracks – vol. 3 –
soundboard label

70's-deep-tracks-banner-with-red-border2These are forgotten tracks that will take you back to the days when FM radio was truly an art form. And, likely never be played on today’s preset definition of what is “Classic Rock”.

 70’s Deep Tracks – the return of album rock…Podcloud1 style!

radio ribbon new

Volume 3-

Our soundboard series continues with tunes from The Band, Garland Jeffries, Three Dog Night, The Eagles, Genesis, Bad Company, Boz Scaggs and Derek and the Dominoes.   70s deep tracks vol 3 artwork (click player to listen to 70’s Deep Tracks vol. 3)




Contractually Obligated Vacation –


contractuallyobl. vac. - banner
Even when he’s on holiday, PeeperD can mix up a great pod of music.

It’s like- “What did you do on your vacation?” with The Kinks, Vampire Weekend, The Cars, The Troggs, Ziggy Marley, The Go-Go’s, The Young Veins and The Outlaws. Features a rare 1978 track from Fleetwood Mac protege Walter Egan with Lindsey Buckingham on guitar. Plus some moments from Monty Python, National Lampoon’s Vacation and others.

This pod is the soundtrack to your next getaway!

contractually obl. vac.-artwork

  (click player for Contractually Obligated Vacation)



Spinning The Tunes –

spinning the tunes-banner   Join host MisterMusic as he ‘Spins The Tunes’  featuring new songs by Astronauts, Angus & Julia Stone, and Spoon. Plus Erlend Oye, part of the folk duo Kings of Convenience is getting ready to release a solo album. Hear a new track from it, and a few not-so-new classic tunes thrown in to keep you humming along.   spinning the tunes- artwork   (click below to play)





Beatles Go Solo –

soundboard label

beatles solo banner-

After The British Invasion….

In February of 1964, The Beatles landed in New York City.   Their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show is recognized as the start of the first British invasion.   Britpop is born!

But what happened after the British invasion?  There is still 14 years until the second wave of britpop.

This soundboard features songs from each of the Fab Four after their historic break-up.
It focuses mainly on the golden period of the 70s when each of them was making some classic music as solo artists. 
Plus George Harrison and Jeff Lynne explore the phenomena of Beatlemania with a song that would be George’s last top 40 hit in the U.S.

beatlesGo-solo artwork

(click to play Beatles Go Solo soundboard)


Focus On: Suede –
british invasion week on podcloud1-banner

soundboard labelfocus on suede-banner

Suede kick started the Brit-Pop revolution of the 1990’s.

Along with bands like Blur and Oasis, they brought in a new wave of English indie pop/rock music. Before they had even released a single, the UK music press was proclaiming them as the “Best New Band in Britain” in 1992. The following year their debut album went to the top of the charts becoming the fastest-selling debut album in almost ten years. This pod is a sampling of songs for their 6 studio albums including the extended version of the stand-alone single “Stay Together”.   focus on-suede-artwork (click player for Focus On: Suede)


Formed in London in 1989, Suede is an alternative rock band equally inspired by the glam crunch of David Bowie and the romantic pop of The Smiths. Led by singer Brett Anderson, bassist Mat Osman and guitarist Bernard Butler, Suede developed a sweeping, guitar-heavy sound that was darkly sensual, sexually ambiguous and extremely melodic. They referenced British guitar music of the past such as glam, punk and British invasion at a time when most other bands had no desire to be associated with anything old fashioned. Suede was the first of a new crop of guitar-oriented bands to be embraced by the UK music scene as Britain’s answer to Seattle’s grunge sound. Though Suede’s debut album rocketed to the top in the UK, they were plagued with problems, the least of which was an inability to get themselves heard in America. In support of the album, Suede toured extensively in Europe and the U.S. However, during the tours, tensions began to develop between Butler and the rest of the band when he disappeared during a soundcheck and missed a show in Los Angeles. Suede’s bad luck would continue when a lounge singer’s lawsuit forced the band to use the name “The London Suede” in America. In February 1994, the band released the stand-alone single “Stay Together”, which became their highest charting single at the time, reaching number three in the UK. As they began work on their second album, tension were high in the studio with Butler and the rest of the band largely recording their parts separately. The guitarist also clashed with the record’s producer. Butler gave Anderson an ultimatum that the producer be fired or he would leave. Anderson called his bluff and Butler returned to the studio the next day to find his guitars left out in the street. In late fall of 1994, Suede released the album “Dog Star Man” to rapturous critical reviews. It entered the UK charts at number three but quickly slid down as its singles failed to gain traction. Although “Dog Star Man” is considered to be their finest album, it was during this time that Suede’s commercial success was eclipsed by that of Blur and Oasis. The impression in the music press was that the band was rapidly falling apart. Suede embarked on a long, grueling international tour during late 1994 and the spring of 1995 before disappearing to work on their third album. During this time the group expanded to a five-piece with the addition of a keyboardist. At a fan club gig in early 1996, Suede debuted several new songs which would eventually end up on the album “Coming Up” released later in the year. The disc would be an unexpected hit, entering the UK charts at number one and generating a remarkable string of five top ten hits. As successful as “Coming Up” was internationally, it never won an audience in the U.S. Their next recording was 1999’s Head Music” which divided longtime fans due to its heavy use of analog synthesizers and drum machines. But the album was still full of many great glitter rock anthems. Several personnel upheavals and Anderson’s struggles with drug addiction surrounded the recording of their fifth album “A New Morning” which was released in 2003. Unfortunately, public interest in Suede, not to mention the Brit-Pop sound, had faded by the early 2000’s and the album sold poorly. The band went on an indefinite hiatus after playing a final show at the London Astoria in December of that year. In 2010, Suede re-united for several live shows and by the next year had begun performing new songs live. In 2013, they released “Blood Sports”which featured a more mature songwriting perspective and sound. Suede are currently in the studio working on a new album that is scheduled to be released in 2015.

~Enjoy more of the British Invasion with our soundboard exploring the initial 60s sound, and the second wave of the british invasion in the 90s.    Cheers!




Britpop Soundboard- (the 90’s second wave)-


britpop soundboard90s-banner2
red border line 624x18

This special double-sized soundboard is our salute to 90’s Britpop.

featuring some of the most popular bands of the movement such as Blur, Suede, Oasis, The Charlatans, Pulp, and Supergrass.

britpop soundboard 90s artwork1

It also features music from Ash, Ocean Colour Scene, Sleeper, The Divine Comedy plus more.

Re-live this golden period of British music during our ‘British Invasion Week’.

britpop soundboard 90s artwork2

(Click below to play this double-sized Britpop soundboard)

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The Britpop revolution of the 90’s …

developed as a reaction to American grunge music. It took British indie & pop/rock music away from the shoegazer movement and the dance-pop “Madchester” sound that ruled the UK charts during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Britpop was characterized by bands influenced by British guitar pop music of the 1960’s and 70’s including glam, punk and British invasion. Responding to the musical invasion into the UK of American grunge bands, new British groups like Suede, Blur and Oasis launched the movement by positioning themselves as opposing musical forces. Other bands such as The Verve, Pulp, Supergrass and Elastica later joined the movement.

Britpop groups sung in regional British accents and referenced places and culture in their lyrics that were uniquely British. Stylistically, they relied on catchy hooks and wrote lyrics that were meant to be relevant to British young people of that generation.  They denouncing grunge as irrelevant and having nothing to say about their lives.

Britpop largely lost momentum by the end of the decade. The rise of more esoteric groups like Radiohead drew the attention of the music press. The failure of Oasis’ third album “Be Here Now” also contributed to the decline.  At the same time, its most visible band, Blur, sought to distance themselves from the Britpop sound with their new recordings. Effectively, the movement had come to an end.

During its golden period, the Britpop movement brought British alternative rock into the mainstream. Its more popular bands-Oasis and Blur- were able to spread their commercial success overseas, especially to the U.S recreating, in a more modest way, the British invasion of the 1960’s.

Podcloud1 is celebrating the British Invasion! Check out our latest “ The Sixties vol. 4 Soundboard” for the first wave of britpop, and “Focus On: Suede” pods.



The Sixties (vol. 4) Britpop Special –

the sixties banner w. soundboard added

Re-live a classic period from the mid-60’s when the United Kingdom was the center of music and fashion.

Music would never be the same again after this invasion…and neither will you.

This edition of our popular Sixties Soundboard series features many great artists such as Peter & Gordon, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Searchers and Chad & Jeremy just to name a few.

Like all Soundboards, it’s just music with none of the DJ chat~ Enjoy!

thesixties vol.4 artwork

(click player for The 60s vol. 4)



From Sunrise to Sunset – 


soundboard labelsunrise to sunset banner

 It’s summer, and the sun shines big and bright. Even the evenings are pleasant.

So to help capture this season, here’s a soundboard that moves from the brightest part, until the sun goes down.No sunscreen required to listen– soak it up!   featuring: The Fixx, Nina Simone, PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke, Cake and more. sunrise to sunset artwork     (click to play from Sunrise to Sunset)



PeeperD’s July Pod –

peeperd july pod -banner

More master mixology from PeeperD!

New music from Future Islands, Strand Of Oaks and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Great classic sounds from The Jesus & Mary Chain, Bill Withers and Humble Pie. Backing tracks from British Sea Power and a British invasion teaser from Bram Tchaikovsky. Plus a look behind the scenes at Podcloud1.Don’t forget to stop at the gift shop after the tour.

PeeperD’s July Pod – it’s juicy!

peeperd july artwork   (click player for PeeperD’s July Pod)



70’s Deep Tracks – vol. 1 & 2 –
soundboard label

70's-deep-tracks-banner-with-red-border2A Premiere Double Play!

70’s Deep Tracks premieres with the first two installments in the series. Then join us every month for more deep tracks.

Welcome to the return of album rock…Podcloud1 style!

radio ribbon newVolume 1 features deep tracks from 70’s heavy-hitters Todd Rundgren, Grand Funk Railroad, Queen, The Kinks and Jefferson Starship. Plus some gems from Big Star, Artful Dodger and Nils Lofgren’s early band Grin. 70s deep tracks vol 1 artwork (Click to listen to vol. 1)


The party continues with volume 2 of the series. Deep tracks from Thin Lizzy, The Doobie Brothers, Yes and Uriah Heap. Highlights also include a very early track from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and a blast from the past from Suzi Quatro. 70s deep tracks vol 2 artwork (Click to listen to vol.2)

70’s Deep Tracks is NOT Classic Rock!

Classic Rock is an invention of media corporations to capitalize on the memory of a radio format known as “AOR” or Album-Oriented Rock. Back in the golden days of FM radio, there was no such thing as “Classic Rock”. Nor were there radio stations that you paid to hear a niche playlist like “80’s Hair Bands” or “Coffeehouse Rock”. Instead, there were radio stations for which you didn’t have to pay. They were not defined by a narrow format but rather by the depth and creativity of their playlists. You didn’t hear the same hits over and over because the station’s goal was to expose their listeners to many different groups making records at that time. The deeper the playlist, the cooler the station. But the best feature of Album-Oriented Rock was that it didn’t dwell on just the hits from a particular record. The name of the format says it all! AOR was dedicated to exploring an album by playing other deeper tracks that would not even be considered “hits” by today’s Classic Rock standards. That’s what Podcloud1’s “70’s Deep Tracks” is all about! You may recognize some of the bands you’ll hear. But the songs we’ve chosen for 70’s Deep Tracks would never be played on today’s narrow definition of Classic Rock. These are forgotten tracks that will take you back to the days when radio was truly an art form.



Focus On: Anders Osborne –

soundboard labelfocus on anders osborne banner   Between the potency of his richly detailed songwriting, his intensely emotional, soulful vocals and his piercing, expert guitar work, New Orleans’ Anders Osborne is a true musical treasure. He is among the most original and visionary musicians writing and performing today. Guitar Player calls him “the poet laureate of Louisiana’s fertile roots music scene.” This pod is an excellent introduction to Anders’ work including some of his earlier material before his days with Alligator Records. focus on anders osborne-artwork   (click to play focus on:anders osborne)

anders osborne-titleBio: Born in Sweden in 1966, Anders Osborne was the son of a professional jazz drummer whose early 60’s combo played clubs throughout Europe. At a young age, Osborne started playing guitar and listening to the singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell. But it was when he then traced those artists’ roots back to the blues that it all came together for him. Osborne left home at age sixteen. He hitchhiked and played music throughout Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the United States. Eventually he settled in New Orleans in 1985. During his first decade in the Big Easy, Anders lived in the French Quarter where he built up a following by playing regularly in local clubs. While soaking up the music of the city, he developed his unique style and sound which blended blues, funk, soul and classic r&b. He cut his first two albums for the independent New Orleans-based Rabadash Records in 1989 and 1993. The momentum created by those two releases led to a major label deal in 1995. He released the album “Which Way To Here” which featured two top-five singles “Favorite Son” and “Pleasin’ You”. Both were featured in several Hollywood movies. In 1998, Osborne signed with Shanachie Records and the next year released his fourth album, “Living Room”, a personal record that signified some new directions in his music. Besides writing for his own albums, Anders worked as a professional songwriter in Nashville for a few years. His song, “Watch The Wind Blow By,” was a number one hit for country artist Tim McGraw. In 2007, Osborne returned to New Orleans and recorded the stripped-down semi-acoustic album “Coming Down” which was nominated for the Independent Music Awards Folksinger/Songwriter Album of the Year. In 2009, Anders recorded a new full-band album that was later picked up by Chicago’s Alligator Records and released the next year under the title “American Patchwork”. Critics went wild and Osborne’s fame suddenly reached a whole new level. He toured non-stop in support of the album which raised awareness even more. He raised the bar higher in 2012 with the follow-up “Black Eye Galaxy”. Critics called it a work of art saying “it was a throwback to the days before corporations completely controlled and corrupted media and culture.” “Three Free Amigos” , a semi-acoustic six-track EP, was recorded later in the year and released in early 2013. Tirelessly, Osborne returned later that fall with the full-length disc “Peace”. That album completed a trilogy of sorts that began with his embrace of harder guitar rock a few years back with “American Patchwork”. Anders Osborne continues to tour almost constantly, both with his own band and in combination with other artists. He’s appeared multiple times at countless festivals including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Bonnaroo.



Walking Distance –

walking distance-banner

MisterMusic gives you your walking papers on this feature of PodCloud1. Take a 30 minute trek through several decades of tunes that keep you walking tall.

(can you guess the theme of this pod yet?) Pace yourself!   Featuring music by Marc Cohn, Nancy Sinatra, Depeche Mode, Passion Pit, Journey and more. walking distance-artwork   (click player to listen to Walking Distance)




Fresh Catch : vol. 3 –

freshCatch vol. 3 -banner

PodCloud1’s regular feature returns!

PeeperD and MisterMusic team up to bring you some new, fresh tunes that have caught our ears.    It’s a 30 minute musical field-trip, and you’re invited!

Buckle-Up for the ride!

Featuring: Bob Mould, Temples, The Rosebuds, First Aid Kit and more!

fresh catch-03 artwork

(click to play volume 3)





Light Fuse And Stand Back –

light fuse-stand back banner

Incendiary is the only word to describe the new PeeperD pod.

New music from Woven Hand, Lake Street Dive and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.  Plus classics from Kaiser Chiefs, T Rex and Johnny Clegg & Savuka.
Booker T & The Mg’s is the featured artist and some great moments from the movie “Almost Famous”.

Like it says on the box, light fuse and stand back!

light fuse-stand back artwork

(click to listen to Light Fuse and Stand back)



New Sound of Soul –

soundboard label
new sound soul-banner

 Soul and R&B is alive and well !  

This soundboard is a sampling of the new wave of artists influenced by this classic sound. But each add their own unique spin making it the “New Sound of Soul”.

Featuring Aloe Blacc, Macy Gray, Charles Bradley, Amy Winehouse, Mayer Hawthorne, Lily Allen, Nick Waterhouse, Mark Ronson and Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings.

new sound of soul-artwork

(click to play new sound of soul)



Focus On: Stereophonics –

soundboard label
focus on stereophonics-banner

Stereophonics are a U.K. band that have experienced more success in their native land than in the United States.
Their blend of alternative and traditional rock stylings, driven by the distinctive vocals of frontman Kelly Jones, have made them one of the most successful bands in recent times. In the past 20 years they’ve toured virtually all over the world chalking up 5 consecutive U.K. number one albums along the way.

Join Us As We Focus On: Stereophonics

focus on stereophonics-artwork

(click to play Focus On: Stereophonics)


Stereophonics were formed in South Wales in 1992 as the teenage cover band “Tragic Love Company”. Their initial batch of singles caught the attention of Richard Branson’s new V2 label and they became one of the first bands signed in 1996. They entered the charts for the first time with the single “Local Boy in the Photograph” and didn’t look back.
Each of their subsequent singles sold progressively better, culminating in a U.K. Top Ten ranking for their debut album “Word Gets Around”. On the momentum of these recordings, they received a Brit Award for Best New Group.

With substantial airplay across the U.K., Stereophonics became known as a great singles band. “The Bartender and the Thief” became a British radio staple through the closing months of 1998. It was followed the next year by the full-length recording “Performance And Cocktails” which became the first of their five consecutive number one albums on the U.K. charts.

In 2001, Stereophonic’s third studio effort “Just Enough Education to Perform” was initially slated to go by the abbreviated J.E.E.P. However, Daimler-Chrysler objected claiming ownership of the actual word Jeep.
Despite the controversy, this album eventually became their best seller being certified five times platinum.

Two years later they returned with the album “You Gotta Go There To Come Back”. The single “Maybe Tomorrow” appeared in the movie “Crash” and propelled the song on to American radio playlists. In 2005, Stereophonics released “Language. Sex. Violence. Other?” which contained the single “Dakota”.
They performed extensively to support the disc and released a live album documenting that successful tour the following year.
Returning to the U.K., they released three formats of their next single “It Means Nothing” two weeks before the album “Pull The Pin” hit store shelves in mid-October 2007. The compilation “Decade In The Sun” arrived in 2008, followed by “Keep Calm And Carry On” in 2009.
After 15 years of non-stop recording and touring, the band decided to take a break and try their hand at other things. Jones wrote a screenplay, “Graffiti On A Train”, which would eventually become the inspiration for the band’s next album. Unlike anything they had attempted in the past, it loosely tells the story of two friends attempting to leave the country after a tragic accident.
That record would finally be released in 2013 and featured the hit single “Indian Summer”. Earlier this year came the announcement of an upcoming film project written by Kelly Jones that would feature actor Rhys Ifans.




Big Hits Of June –

big hits of June -banner

Join MisterMusic as he hosts this segment on PodCloud1 featuring big hits that happened in June.

From the 70s through the 90s…here’s some of the tunes from the Billboard Music Charts that landed at number 1 in the middle of the calendar year.

Featuring America, Kim Carnes, Asia, Love and Rockets, Tonic and more.

big hits of June-artwork

(click to play big hits of june)




Audio Anatomy –

soundboard label
audio anatomy-soundboard banner

This soundboard follows your body from your head, down to your feet.
It’s like going back to basic anatomy class- PodCloud1 Style!

Featuring:  Tears For Fears, The Pretenders, Cutting Crew, Soundgarden, and more.

audio anatomy-artwork

(click to play audio anatomy)




New Music Express –

new music express banner

Hop aboard the new music express as PeeperD features several new releases just out for summer.

Featuring music from Jack White, The Pixies, The Black Keys, Ray Lamontagne, Old 97’s and the first one in nine years from The String Cheese Incident. Plus Pretenders front-woman Chrissie Hynde steps out on her very first solo album. It’s a whirlwind tour of new sounds.

new music express-artwork

(click to play New Music Express)




Focus On: Mike Doughty –

focus on mike doughty-banner2

Before emerging as a solo artist, Mike Doughty was best known as the frontman of the unique avant-garde group Soul Coughing.

This pod features songs from his entire solo career as well as a few Soul Coughing favorites.

focus on mike doughty artwork

(Click to play Focus On: Mike Doughty)


Formed in 1992, Soul Coughing made a name for themselves with a fusion of rock, hip-hop and electronic music combined with Doughty’s beatnik-inspired lyrics. His distinctive pronunciation and vocal delivery created the band’s signature sound.Releasing three albums over their eight year career, Soul Coughing enjoyed only moderate commercial success and eventually split up in 2000.

Mike Doughty embarked on a solo acoustic tour playing material from a then-unreleased solo album “Skittish” which was originally recorded back in 1995. The album was a stripped-down acoustic effort that featured some of Doughty’s most direct and personal lyrics, accompanied by his signature, syncopated guitar-playing style.

In addition to overcoming drug addiction and beginning work on a second solo album, Doughty continued to do solo tours for the next few years.  He released a limited-edition live album in 2002 that featured a large selection of this solo material as well as Soul Coughing classics.  More solo work surfaced during 2003 in the form of the “Rockity Roll” EP, which was later combined with the “Skittish” album and re-released with a handful of bonus tracks when Doughty signed to ATO Records in 2004.

Mike Doughty released his first solo effort to feature a band in 2005. ”Haughty Melodic” contained fleshed-out studio versions of songs that he had been performing in his solo live shows over the years.  Several of the songs caught the ears of radio programmers who had played Soul Coughing in the previous decade.

In 2008, the album “Golden Delicious” was released and cracked the Billboard 100. Riding that momentum, he quickly returned the next year with the recording “Sad Man Happy Man”. In 2011, Doughty released the full-length “Yes And Also Yes” on his own Snack Bar label.  2012 continued this flurry of activity. Doughty released ”The Book of Drugs”, a memoir about his life with Soul Coughing and his struggles with drug addiction. Additionally, the live album “The Question Jar Show” came out that year. It documented a series of intimate acoustic live performances where audience members were encouraged to write down questions for the singer to answer on the spot. Later in the year, Doughty released “The Flip Is Another Honey”,  a eclectic collection of covers from artists ranging from Thin Lizzy to Randy Newman.

Hip-hop producer Good Goose helped Doughty revamp a set of Soul Coughing material following a successful spring 2013 “PledgeMusic” campaign which helped him raise funds for the sessions. The lengthily titled release, named after every track that appears on the album, was released in September of that year.
Recently Doughty announced another “PledgeMusic” campaign to finance a new album to be called “Stellar Motel”.  If you’d like to contribute, visit his website- -for more details.




 May Tune Up –

may tune up- banner

Join MisterMusic as he spins an audio tune-up.  A mix that hits on all the frequencies!

Featuring: The Clash, R.E.M., Everything But The Girl, and new tunes from Jimi Goodwin and the Whigs plus more!

may tune-up artwork

(click to play May Tune Up)





Musical Elixir –

musical elixir-banner

It’s the all-purpose, feel-good tonic for whatever ails you!
PeeperD’s Musical Elixir is guaranteed to raise your consciousness and lower your inhibitions. It may even grow hair on your chest!   Four out of five doctors recommend this pod to their patients.  

One listen will make you wonder what’s up with that fifth doctor?


musical elixir- artwork

Featuring a cut from the new Bruce Springsteen collection and new alt-country releases from Roseanne Cash and Lydia Loveless. Also,Bob Dylan, G. Love & Special Sauce and The Judybats.
Plus a time-traveling trip with the J. Geils Band and the inspiration for one of their biggest hits

(click to play PeeperD’s Musical Elixir)

elixir old poster


Color Inside The Lines (vol. 1) –

soundboard label

color inside the lines vol 1 banner

Here’s a soundboard that shines like a rainbow!

These artists throw some color into your day.

featuring: Paul Weller, Portugal.The Man, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spandau Ballet
The National and more.

color inside the lines vol 1 -artwork

(click to play Color Inside the Lines vol. 1)





Focus On: Joan Armatrading –

focus on joan armatrading-banner

British singer/songwriter Joan Armatrading has had a remarkably long and consistent career. Her unique sound is based in folk with elements of rock, blues, jazz and reggae making her music hard to categorize. Her songs have been described as some of the most deeply personal and emotionally naked of our times.

Born on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, she immigrated to England in 1958 and began writing songs six years later.  Her debut album “Whatever’s For Us” was released to critical acclaim in 1972. Her self-titled album of 1976 catapulted the singer into the U.K. Top 20 and produced the top ten single “Love And Affection”. Armatrading’s subsequent albums also sold well in the U.K.

But she remained relatively unknown in the U.S. until 1980’s “Me, Myself I”. The album was a radical departure with a harder pop-oriented sound.
It became her highest-ever charting album in both the U.K. and the U.S. and the title track became her second U.K. Top 40 single. 1983’s  “The Key” also did relatively well producing the hit single “Drop The Pilot”.

Sadly, Joan Armatrading has never quite achieved the commercial success she’s experienced in Britain. But, with a string of consistently strong albums, she has built a loyal cult following that has allowed her to tour and record for over 40 years.
Stand-out albums throughout her career include “Sleight Of Hand” (1986), “Square The Circle” (1992) and “Lovers Speak” (2003).  She’s been nominated for a Grammy three times.

2004 saw the release of a live recording “Live: All The Way From America”. In 2007, she recorded her first all-blues project “Into The Blues”  which debuted at number one on Billboard’s Blues Album chart-a first for a U.K. Female artist.

joan armatrading-artwork

(click to play Focus On: Joan Armatrading)




The Sixties (vol. 3) –

soundboard label

sixties soundboard-banner

Here’s another flashback to the 60s on the PodCloud1 Soundboard.
So many great tunes squeezed into 30 minutes…you’ll be trippin’!

Featuring: The Electric Prunes, The Box Tops, Brenton Wood, ? and the Mysterians, Buffalo Springfield and more.

60s vol3-artwork

(click to listen: the Sixties-vol.3)




Fresh Catch (vol. 2) –

freshCatch2 banner

The return of the collaborative feature on PodCloud1, hosted by PeeperD and MisterMusic.

Focusing on new ‘fresh’ music we’re excited about. Some by established artists, and some
new atists with finger-snapping catchy tunes that flew into our musical radar.

Featuring: Foster the People, Nick Waterhouse, Elbow, The War on Drugs and more.

fresh catch 02-artwork

(click to play: Fresh catch vol. 2)


Bend Me Twist Me –

bend me twist me -banner

Join your host MisterMusic as he spins tunes of musical contortion.  You’ll be left bent and twisted….but in good shape when it’s done.

Featuring:  The Teardrop Explodes, Rod Stewart, Keane, Trashcan Sinatras, Chubby Checker and others.

bend me twist me -artwork

(click to listen to Bend Me Twist Me)





March’s Mixed Bag-

March Mixed bag banner

PeeperD returns with another great pod of music featuring new sounds from Temples and Big Head Todd & The Monsters.

Plus some head bopping beats with King Biscuit Time, XTC, The New Pornographers and The Paul Collins Beat…and a timely touch of the Irish with guitarist Rory Gallagher.

Helpful tips for your next fox hunt included at no additional charge.

It’s A Musical Mixed Bag!

march's mixed bag-artwork

(click to listen to March’s Mixed Bag)





 It’s Electric-

soundboard label

it's electric banner

This high voltage soundboard is pumping pure energy.

A 30 minute soundboard featuring Jimi Hendrix Experience, Oasis, Icehouse, Eddy Grant, Robbers On High Street, Spiritualized and others

it's electric artwork

(Click To Play ‘It’s Electric’)





Focus On: The Frames-

soundboard label

focus on-the frames banner

The Frames are a Dublin-based alternative pop group founded by singer/songwriter Glen Hansard in 1990. Hansard had quit school at age 13 to begin busking on local streets. He was eventually signed to Island Records after they heard a demo recording he’d made with money he’d borrowed from his parents. Hansard pulled together a group of fellow buskers to back him at an Irish music festival later that year.  After taking a brief hiatus to allow Hansard to co-star in the film “The Commitments”, The Frames released their debut single in 1992.

Personnel changes and label problems have plagued The Frames throughout their career. After the release of their first album, a scheduled U.S. tour was canceled due to illness and the band was eventually dropped from Island. The line-up continued to change over the next few years as they recorded the albums “Fitzcarraldo” and “Dance The Devil”.

In 2001, The Frames signed with the Chicago-based indie label Overcoat and released the critically-acclaimed album “For The Birds”. Once again poised for success, fate had other ideas.  A U.S. Tour to support the album was canceled due to the untimely death of a close friend of Hansard’s.

The band eventually moved to Anti Records and finally captured the energy that had been missing from their studio recordings with the live album “Set List” in 2004. They continued to release new material, such as 2005’s “Burn The Maps” and 2007’s “The Cost”, building up a loyal following with their powerful live performances.

Hansard began devoting equal time to the Swell Season, a side project that eventually turned into an award-winning, globe-traveling band. Members of The Frames were recruited to form the Swell Season’s backing band, thus keeping parts of the original lineup together. Today, Hansard’s growing solo career and that of The Frames have become increasingly intertwined.

Join PodCloud1 as we Focus On: The Frames!

focus on frames-artwork

(click player to Focus On: The Frames)






dreamland banner

Daydreams, bad dreams, night dreams, childhood dreams -dreams have inspired poems, films and songs throughout the years.
MisterMusicspins a few ‘dreams’ from the vast PodCloud1 music vault in this segment.

Featuring: The Mamas & The Papas, The Moody Blues, Newton Faulkner, Fitz and the Tantrums, and others.


(click player for “Dreamland”)

This isn’t a musical nightmare, it’s a sweet dream on PodCloud1.





Music of Mardi Gras – vol. 2-

soundboard label

mardi-gras vol 2 -banner

PodCloud1’s second annual soundboard salute to Mardi Gras. It’s a hip-shakin’ shuffle down to the Big Easy just in time for Fat Tuesday.

From the star-studded opening number led by Dr. John to the bluesy closer with Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, this is one spicy pot of gumbo!
Let the good times roll!

Also featuring The Neville Brothers, Buckwheat Zydeco, Boozoo Chavis, Chuck Carbo and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

mardi-gras vol.2 artwork

(Click player for Music of Mardi Gras vol.2)





The Sixties -vol. 2

soundboard label

sixties soundboard-banner

The second installment in our popular Sixties Soundboard series.

Volume 2 bounces around all of the popular styles of the sixties from pop to psychedelic.
It’s a time capsule for your ears!

Featuring music from Deep Purple, The Troggs, Donovan, The Zombies and The Animals just to name a few.   Plus the first single from a group that would later go on to make rock history as The Who.

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Focus On: Ryan Adams –

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Singer songwriter Ryan Adams is a musical chameleon who refuses to be defined by one particular musical style. He mixes the sensibilities of country music with the energy and cockiness of punk and garage rock.

This soundboard is an excellent sampling of songs from many of his thirteen albums including his beautiful duet with Sheryl Crow “Two”.  It also includes a cut from Ryan’s early years with the group Whiskeytown.

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Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1974, Ryan Adams grew up listening to country music.  But by his early teens, he developed a taste for punk rock and electric guitar playing in several bands before moving to the larger town of Raleigh.

Eager to explore his melodic country and pop roots, he joined several other musicians to form the group Whiskeytown in 1994.  Within a year the group released their debut album “Faithless Street.” The recording caught the attention of music critics who described them as “the Nirvana of the alternative country movement.”

But with a constantly changing line-up of personnel and erratic live performances, Whiskeytown never lived up to the commercial expectations. Although the band recorded three studio albums, they eventually broke up in 1999.

Ryan Adams wasted no time launching his solo career.  After a few solo acoustic tours, he cut his first album “Heartbreaker” which was released on the insurgent country label Bloodshot Records in 2000. It sold relatively well which lifted his profile in the public eye. He was subsequently signed to Lost Highway Records.  But rather than become typecast as an alt-country artist, his next album, 2001’s “Gold”, featured more classic pop and rock styles.

Throughout his career, Adams has shown himself to be a prolific songwriter. In the next year alone he wrote and recorded almost 60 songs. The best thirteen of this lot were released as the collection “Demolition” in 2002.

In 2004, Adams formed The Cardinals-a band that he would front for the next five years. During this period, he released a steady stream of albums or EP’s. But, whether working with the band or his own solo efforts, no two recordings sound the same. For example, in 2005 he released three completely different albums-the melancholy “Cold Roses”, a classic honky-tonk sounding “Jacksonville City Nights” and the quiet late-night meditation “29”.

After disbanding The Cardinals in 2009, Adams’ musical output slowed down a bit. He had experienced hearing loss due to Meniere’s disease. But his disillusionment with the music industry probably had something to do with this hiatus as well. He turned his talents to writing and released two books that year. But he stayed around the fringes of music business by producing recordings for the likes of Willie Nelson and Jesse Malin.  In addition, he collaborated with Counting Crows, Weezer, Cowboy Junkies and Toots & The Maytals to name a few. In 2009, he also married actress/singer Mandy Moore.

Adams had created the Pax-Am record label in 2004 to release demo recordings that Lost Highway would not. But after his contract with the label expired in 2008, he began releasing his music exclusively through Pax-Am’s web site. One of the first recordings was the metal-influenced “Orion”.  At the end of 2009 he released the double-album “Cardinals III/IV” which was a collection of songs he had recorded with his old band back in 2006.

In 2011, Ryan returned to active duty with “Ashes And Fire” which featured appearances by Norah Jones and Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker’s keyboard player Benmont Tench. It was produced by the legendary Glyn Johns and was nominated for a Grammy.

Rumors of an eagerly-anticipated new album began to spread across the internet last year. The album-as yet-untitled-is said to continue the lush and mellow tone of “Ashes And Fire” with more orchestral flourishes.  Adams previewed a few new songs in concert appearances last year with his post-Cardinals touring band which includes Tench, Ethan Johns (Glyn’s son) and Don Was on bass. However, as of the start of the 2014, the world still waits for the next album from this prolific writer and performer.





All Directions- 

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Think of this directional soundboard as your musical GPS filled with tunes taking you north,south, east and west.

Start your musical trip below.

featuring: The Church,The Dream Academy, Grandaddy, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin and more.

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Sexy Love Pod –  vol. 1

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In celebration of the most romantic holiday of the year,

Love Guru– PeeperD spins the perfect pod to heighten your pleasure.

Just dim the lights and let your love flow!

This pod is intended for mature audiences only. Parental discretion is advised.

Featuring sexy sounds from The Cure, Rod Stewart, John Mellencamp, Ray Charles, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan and Nina Simone. Plus a classic duet from Dr. John and Rickie Lee Jones.

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Everyone’s Gone To The Moon-

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Blast off on a musical trip to the moon with your host MisterMusic on PodCloud1.
All the tunes played have lunar significance.

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featuring: Phillip Phillips, Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Feist and more.

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-Hundreds of years ago it was believed the moon made people act irrational and crazy. the term ‘lunatic’ is derived from lunar meaning ‘of the moon or moonstruck’

-When Alan Sheppard was on the moon, he hit a golf ball and drove it 2,400 feet, nearly one half a mile.

-In a survey conducted in 1988, 13% of those surveyed believed that the moon is made of cheese.     (yes, that’s 1988)

-In China, the dark shadows forming a face is seen as “the toad in the moon,” not the “man in the moon.”  The toad is considered one of the five poisons of yin. It is believed that eclipses occur when the “toad in the moon” tries to swallow the moon itself.

-The gold-plated 33-rpm record “Camelot” was left behind on the moon by the Apollo astronauts.

-If the moon were placed on the surface of the continental United States, it would extend from San Francisco to Cleveland (2,600 miles)

-The average desktop computer contains 5-10 times more computing power than was used to land a man on the moon.




Fresh Catch vol. 1

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A brand new series on Podcloud1!   MisterMusic and PeeperD introduce some fresh songs that are just catching on. Tunes we feel are soon destined for greatness.

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Featuring music from The Leisure Society, White Denim, Pacific Air, Lucius, Snowmine, Lord Huron and Boy & Bear.

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Push and Pull – 


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You don’t need to try hard to figure this one out. As the title states, this soundboard features songs about pushing and pulling.

Don’t be left in the middle.


featuring:  Rufus Thomas, Hamilton, Joe,Frank & Reynolds, Grace Jones, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Lenny Kravitz, and more.

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 Ice Station PodCloud

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This Pod is proof that music can actually generate power. Follow the adventures of PeeperD as he struggles against the polar vortex with the hottest rock possible.

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Featuring: Kings Of Leon, The Pretenders, The Beastie Boys, Anders Osborne and The North Mississippi All-Stars. Plus classic cuts from Ted Nugent and The Kinks.

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This one brings the heat!





Focus On: Shriekback-


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Shriekback is a band that has floated under the radar for the better part of 30 years.

Formed in 1981 by Barry Andrews (XTC), Dave Allen (Gang Of Four) and Carl Marsh (Out Of The Blue), their funky style of alternative rock enjoyed some success on the dance charts in the 80’s. The 1985 album “Oil And Gold” was a highlight of this early period.
Their music was also featured in several movies and on episodes of “Miami Vice”.

Despite a string of relatively successful albums, the band was never able to break through to the mainstream. This resulted in various personnel changes throughout the years. They finally broke up after 1988’s “Go Bang!”

Shriekback reformed in 1992 with Barry Andrews taking control of the band. The album “Sacred City” had a darker, leaner sound but still retained the funky bass quality that had become their trademark. However, the album was not well received and it would be almost ten years before Shriekback would record again. 2000’s “Naked Apes & Pond Life” was a surprise resurfacing for the band.

Since 2003, the last decade has seen three Shriekback recordings with Andrews working with a new batch of musicians.

No matter the changes, Shriekback’s sound is unmistakable.
This Soundboard will take you on a (somewhat) chronological sample of Shriekback’s career.


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Blast of Winter
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Let’s face it… It’s cold and wintry out there (well, at least for most of us in the North).

MisterMusic hosts an episode that is all about the winter and snow.  Grab a beverage to warm yourself up as you listen. It’s a musical Blast of Winter on PodCloud1 the ‘One for Great Music’.

featuring: The Rolling Stones, Matt Pond PA, Simon & Garfunkel , Nick Cave and more.

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