MisterMusic’s Taste Of Indie-Episode 4

MisterMusic hosts the last of his four-part series exploring the Indie Music Scene.

Indie pop, Indie rock, Indie alternative…whatever it may be, find out the bands that have been rattling around MisterMusic’s brain for the past couple years!

Episode 4 features: Berwanger, Marlin’s Dreaming, Sugarloaf Beach, Willie J. Healey, Temples of Youth, Knifey, Woods, The Deathray Davies, Dope Lemon, Youth XL, Glass Vaults, Sonntag, Jay Som, Great Mountain Fire, and Lawn.

You haven’t heard of them?  Well, you may add them to your playlists after this pod!


(click player for ep.4)




This ends my return to PODCLOUD1. It was a blast getting a few more episodes over the computer-airwaves for old times sake.
Many Thanks to those who were brave enough to check out some new music with my 4 part Taste of Indie series.
Keep your groove going-don’t lose that beat.  cheers! ~MisterMusic