Left Of The Dial: College Radio 80s-Volume 19

In the 80s, the great music was happening on the left side of the dial where all of the college radio stations were located!

PodCloud1’s soundboard series that salutes the great college radio playlists of the 80s returns with a mix of big names and forgotten rarities from all over the decade!

It’s a pod full of the bands that 80s college radio loved! Camper Van Beethoven, The Long Ryders, Split Enz, Midnight Oil, The Del-Lords, Simple Minds, The Dead Milkmen, Translator, The Beat Farmers, Killing Joke, The Undertones, OMD and The Chameleons. Colin Newman of Wire goes solo. Plus some garage rock from The Sting-Rays and The Fleshtones.

Just like music lovers did in the 80s, venture over to the left side of the dial. You’ll be glad you did!


(click player for Left Of The Dial:College Radio 80s-Vol. 19)

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