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It’s Another Of Our “One Hit Wonders” Series –

Join Us As We Flashback To  One Hit Wonders Of The 90s  on PodCloud1.

The decade that brought us Lip Smackers, Beverly Hill 90210, and The Log Lady.  Plus how could we forget-  Was it an owl? Was  it a hamster?…no it was Furby the talking creepy pet.



Volume 10 –


We wrap up our series with volume 10.  Members of REM team with Warren Zevon to cover a Prince classic.The slow dance song of the decade…and more of the most toe-tappping hits of the 90’s!  Another stellar pod of songs that will bring back a lot of great memories.

Featuring Mazzy Star, Hindu Love Gods, Stabbing Westward, Jeffrey Gaines, Milla, Figdish, Frente and The Candy Skins.


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Volume 9 –


More long-lost nuggets from the 90’s. Once these songs ruled the alternative radio airwaves.
Now both the songs and the radio stations that played them are distant memories…except on Podcloud1.

one hit wonders 90s vol 9-artwork

Featuring hits from New Radicals, Elastica, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Eagle Eye Cherry, Lotion, K’s Choice, The Indians and 700 Miles.


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Volume 8-


These songs were all over alternative radio twenty years ago. But they don’t get to rattle many speaker cones any more.
Podcloud1 takes a trip back with another installment in our “One-Hit Wonders of The 90s” series.


one hit wonders90s vol 8 artwork


Featuring God Lives Underwater, Mae Moore, The Beloved, Schtum, The Rosemarys, Pure and Wild Colonials.

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Volume 7-


Once again we slip back 20 years into the 90s for more tunes that made it and then faded into the record books as one hit wonders.
It was good while it lasted.


featuring: The Gigolo Aunts, Sam Phillips, Tom Cochrane, Primitive Radio Gods, The Posies and more.

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Volume 6 –


Some great songs that spent a few minutes on alternative radio of the 90’s before they faded into obscurity.   Now Podcloud1 brings them back for a much needed encore! 

Featuring: Silverchair, The Soup Dragons, The Darling Buds, Sneaker Pimps ,Cold Water Flat, Plus Howie Gelb’s only brush with radio success and a funky jam from the Supreme Love Gods.
We love the 90’s!

90s one hit vol.06-artwork


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Volume 5 –


Another set of songs with more staying power than the artists that wrote them.
Featured on Vol. 5 – Marcy Playground, The Folk Implosion, The Odds and more!  Plus a great duet with Neneh Cherry and REM’s Michael Stipe.

It’s on the Soundboard-so very limited interuption, and no DJ chatter.


onehit90s vol5 artwork


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Volume 4 –


Yet another trip back to the 90’s with several bands celebrating their 15 minutes of fame. A great opportunity to pull out your flannel and hit the mosh pit.

Featured on Vol. 4 –Moist, Rust, I Mother Earth, Deep Blue Something, Hum, Fabulon and Smoking Popes.

onehit90s-vol.4 artwork


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Volume 3 –


Travel Back to the 90s with Volume 3:

Featuring : Buffalo Tom, The Divinyls, Chapterhouse, Teenage Fanclub, Bettie Serveert, Dig and Stereo MC’s.



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 Volume 2 –


Here’s another installment of One Hit Wonders from the 90s.

Volume 2 features music from:  Republica, Edwyn Collins, Cornershop, The La’s, Primus, Abra Moore and School of Fish.



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Volume 1 –


It’s the 1990s all over again, as PodCloud1 presents One Hit Wonders!

Featuring: Sun 60, Wire Train, Beautiful South, Fury In The Slaughterhouse, Spot, Butthole Surfers and Heather Nova.


onehitwonders90s pt 1


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