Atmospheres volumes 31-39


 Slip in the jet-stream of ambient and space music as PeeperD presents “Atmospheres” a regular segment on PodCloud1.

 These are Volumes 31-39 of Atmospheres



Volume 39 –

For our final volume of Atmospheres, it’s a pod of space music with a rockin’ edge.
Featuring Heaters, Age Of Spades, City Of The Sun, William Roud, Monocle Twins, Evolution Of Stars, Haylox, and At The End Of Times: Nothing.


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Volume 38 –

A change of pace with a pod of earthy acoustic sounds perfect for communing with nature.
Music from Montreux, Paul Winter, Michael Hedges, Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel, Ancient Future, John Weider, Mike Marshall & Darol Anger, and Andrew White.

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Volume 37 –

Deep space is the destination of this mix of meditative music.
Featuring They Dream By Day, Muni Yogi, Deep Watch, Regentum, Luchs, Halcyon Fields, Golgon Kami, August Wilhelmsson, and Amber Virena.


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Volume 36 –


An eclectic mix of space music from Tangerine Dream , Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Schroeder, Moodswings and The Future Sound Of London.

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Volume 35 –


It’s a pod of dreamy guitar-based compositions designed to take you on a musical journey.

Featuring Tracey Chattaway, Random Forest, City Of The Sun, U137, Of Water and This Will Destroy You.

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Volume 34 –


Pack your bag and don’t forget your headphones.
This exotic journey is your passport to modern artists fusing technology with ethnic sounds from around the globe.
Music from Kalpataru Tree, The Kumba Mela Experiment, Krusseldorf, Children Of The Bong and Taruna.


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Volume 33 –

This edition of our popular soundboard series explores the progressive rock side of space music featuring music from Jade Warrior, Word Of Life, Camel, and Wallenstein.

Fire up the lava lamp and black lights for this one!

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Volume 32 –

Founded in 1969 by Manfred Eicher, ECM Records is best known for jazz records that refuse to acknowledge boundaries between
musical genres.
This pod of space jazz features some highlights from the label’s almost 50 years of existence.

Music from Terje Rypdal, Codona, Jan Garbarek, David Darling, Oregon and Shankar.
Plus a sweet acoustic guitar meditation from the duo of Eduardo Niebla & Antonio Forcione.

Find out why ECM’s motto is “the most beautiful sound next to silence”.


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Volume 31 –

This pod will truly take you on a musical journey starting at the banks of the river Ganges and ending with a joyful celebration in space.

A great variety of sounds ranging from recent releases from Explosions In The Sky, Dub Trees and Daniel Lanois & Rocco DeLuca to a classic track from Sussan Deihem & Richard Horowitz. Plus a cut from Kliment’s 2009 gem “The Perpetual Ritual”.


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